About us

Luminous LA PR is a Los Angeles, CA based boutique public relations company. We are a full service agency that offers press release services, media placements (guest posting), social media marketing, web management, SEO & CRO, and consulting services. We offer services to artists and small/mid size businesses. 

Our approach to PR is very personable. We assign each of our clients a public relations specialist and a direct line to speak with their PR specialist. We know our clients by name and take pride in the continued success we help provide our clients. Rather you are needing press release services, media placements (guest posting), social media and more.

Our company history starts in 2016 with the establishment of the company as Entirely PR in Nashville, TN. The company focused on music PR services and digital PR for small businesses. A blog was established also bearing the Entirely PR name in the fall of 2016. Many of todays notable Nashville and Atlanta based artists were featured on the blog and received PR services. Our company moved locations to the Los Angeles area in 2019. A name change and rebranding was deemed appropriate after the moved to LA to match the company vision. 

Luminous LA PR rebranded from Entirely PR and refocused our public relations on press release services and newswire services. Our company added web management and SEO services. The blog was renamed The Cloud Up Blog in 2020 and shifted focus to cover musicians but also more fringe topics.